Biography and exhibitions


  • Born in Madrid in 1961
  • Performs monographic courses of carving in stone, wood, wrought iron and recess in the school of Arts and crafts. He is a member of the Group of sculptors "East - West". (Madrid).
  • Transfer to Mérida studying and working as a self-taught in own workshop. Works of casting wax lost casting and forging.
  • Member of the Group of artists "traffic of caterpillars. Extremadura.
  • It belongs to the Group of artisans of Extremadura.
  • First prize for sculpture "Youth culture" of the Junta de Extremadura. Ministry of education and culture. Merida 1991. "Support of temptation".
  • First prize of the contest of sculpture 120 anniversary of box Badajoz. "Elbow space." Bronze. Badajoz 2010.



  • Creation of the Arte-espanol collection.
  • Monument: "sculptural ensemble of Santa Teresa Jornet" for the city of Mérida.
  • Design of reliefs for pharmacies. Merida.
  • Realization of a sculptural interpretation of the logo of the Council of the youth of the Extremadura. Merida
  • Creation of the sculpture "Gallotauro" for Portuguese cooperation awards. G.I.T. Mérida.
  • Design and realization of the new workshop of sculpture, Don Alvaro. Badajoz.
  • Sculpture "Homage to Emilio Simon Amado" for elderly Los Olivos residence. Merida.
  • Monument: "Homenaje a la Corita woman". Bronze. Fair. Badajoz.



  • Creation of the collection "Art - Roman", versions in bronze sculptures from the Museum of Roman art in Merida and other museums of Spain.
  • Design of furniture custom made for stores, individuals, and plays.
  • Bronzes of the FNAC building reconstruction. Plaza de Callao. Madrid.
  • Realization of the pergola to the terrace of the restaurant Bahia Nirri. Merida.
  • Design of vortex art - room art gallery. Merida.
  • Trophy for the Assembly of Extremadura. Merida.
  • Civitas Carisio logo design. Merida.
  • Tile and seal to the Parador de Mérida.
  • Jewelry design, logos and trophies. Merida.
  • Creation of the sculpture "The vine" for the Spanish Union of wine tasters U.E.C.. Madrid.




  • Exhibition of the Arte-Romano collection and the Arte-espanol collection in the shops of the Museo Nacional de Arte Romano M.N.A.R., the consortium of the Monumental city, and in the Assembly of Extremadura. In the Parador of Merida Parador de Zafra, Trujillo, Nerja.
  • Exhibition of the collection Arte-Romano at the Faculty of philosophy and letters. Society of Extremadura classical studies. Cáceres.
  • Monument: "sculptural ensemble of Santa Teresa Jornet" for the city of Mérida.
  • Dionis Bennassar Gallery exhibition. Madrid.
  • Collective exhibition in the Mostra d´Art BCN. Toranto. Gallery d ´art. Barcelona
  • Exhibition in the Moraga House of the "table for del Recuerdo". Cáceres.
  • Participation in the exhibition "I was born in the Mediterranean". Stories of an olive tree. Assembly of Extremadura. Merida.
  • Monument: "Homenaje a la Corita woman". Bronze. Fair. Badajoz.
  • "Tribute to Emilio Simón Amado" elderly Los Olivos residence. Merida.
  • Exhibition of sculptures in the "120 anniversary of Badajoz box". Badajoz, Almendralejo and Merida.
  • Exposicion in the Folk Arts Festival Budapest.


1999 - 1990

  • "Intermediates". Hall of exhibitions of the box of Badajoz. Merida.
  • Exhibition Hall of the Center Municipal of youth. Merida.
  • Exhibitions from the Ministry of education and culture Hall. Badajoz.
  • The public library Exhibition Hall. Cáceres.
  • Universal exhibition in Seville. "EXPO 92". Flag of Extremadura. Sevilla.
  • II sample of contemporary art on the street. Almendralejo. Badajoz.
  • "An approach to the object". Bronzes. Merida.
  • Installation: 'Action - intervention'. Badajoz box. Merida.
  • Group exhibition of artists from Extremadura. Vortex art - room. Merida.
  • Nundinae. Recreation of a Roman market. Merida.
  • Exhibition collection Arte-Romano in the Try-Medea Hotel. Mérida,